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Bacteria Growth Check

WaterWorks Bacteria Growth Test

The package contains 30 test strips and 30 incubation bags to check for bacteria growth.

The specially formulated brain heart infusion media allows maximum cultivation of fastidious aerobic bacteria.

Water Works Bacteria Growth Check is providing optimum nutrition for bacteria with complex dietary requirements.
Several like for example Gonococci, Campylobacter or Helicobacter causing serious infections. Other are completely harmless. A small number of bacteria harmless and harmful are always found in water. This is normal. A high number of bacteria is always a warning that something is wrong with the water supply.

The simple test procedure and the non toxic chemistry of the test makes it ideal for using in the field, on-site, lab.
Also ideal for class room experiments at school.

Dip one test strip into the water sample and put in a incubation bag. Close the bag and put it for 48 hours in a dark place at room temperature. Easy to read results.

WaterWorks by ITS
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